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Inquiry cycles for Formative Assessment

I've completed a total of four inquiry cycles related to formative assessment. The first two formed the basis of my first assignment for EDCURSEC701. I have attached both of these for your perusal but they did not form the basis of my inquiry for this assignment. Click here for Inquiry cycle 1 & click here for Inquiry cycle 2.

Third inquiry cycle 

This inquiry cycle followed on from my second inquiry into using exit cards, where I was concerned with to refine my questions, so that I could use the data I received to form future lesson planning. For this inquiry I was looking specifically at how to be deliver feedback to students.  

My Year 9 class received feedback from me on one of their assessments. I gave them each information on what, they did well, where they could improve and a grade. Students responses focused heavily on the grades I had given them not the feedback or feedforward they had received.


Several students were unsure what the task required of them, I had not provided enough feed-up around how they would be assessed.

Fourth inquiry cycle

In this inquiry I wanted to figure out how to get my students to think about learning as an ongoing process, as opposed to a summative measure and see how they could improve their work. 

Students were given a rubric that was mixed up, along with comments from me on their work. From the comments they had to choose which box they sat in. 

Because there were no explicit grades students were far more engaging with the text in the rubric and graded themselves fairly. 

When I revealed which each column was some of the students were surprised and wanted to move themselves, others said the grade they received was fair. This was an extremely interesting insight into peer/self-assessment and I want to continue to look at ways to get student regularly self-assessing their work.

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