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Lessons plans for group work

Year 13 History lesson -  19/10/2017

This was a Year 13 History class I taught on the consequences of the Treaty of Versailles. Each group was split by the different types of consequences and participated in a Jigsaw style activity, where they had to read an article and make note of the consequences relevant to their group. This was then shared with the class and charted on a table. ​

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Year 10 Social Studies lesson -  25/10/2017

This was a revision lesson for my Year 10 students on the three topics they've studied throughout the year, specifically Government, Sustainability and Our Global World. Students were split into the three areas and wrote essay plans on each one. I worked through an example with the students beforehand.

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Year 13 History lesson -  26/10/2017

This was a class I took on the consequences of World War I. Students begun by doing research into the economic consequences of World War I on Germany, Britain, France and America. The students were split into groups, chosen by myself each looking at a different country. After this, we had a competition in which students ran up with post it notes with consequences written on them. They had to justify where those post it notes went in the Venn Diagram hula hoops which represented economic, political and social consequences.

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Year 9 Social Studies lesson -  15/11/2017

This was two lessons in which students completed an escape room I prepared. It was a heavily resourced lesson where students were organised in mixed-ability groups. I ran through the instructions before entering the class and then showed them the video on their group roles. This is a basic outline of the lesson, it ended up taking several lessons, with higher ability students moving onto the extended abstract activity. 

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